Investing in Real Estate can be difficult, especially from a distance. Putting together a competent and honest team of people to help you manage your investment is the key to your long-term success.

Once you purchase a property from us, we will refer you to our team of trusted, experienced Investment Professionals. Our vast experience (500+ properties) in the Western NY market has allowed us to work with almost all of these type of service providers in the region. Our Network of Investment Professionals is made up of the best of these service providers. Below is a list of the type of professionals you may need and what services they provide.

Property Management

Perhaps the most vital cog to investing successfully in real estate is the Property Manager. We have a network of Property Managers in Western NY that we use to manage our investment properties.  Each of our approved Property Managers has managed a minimum of 50+ units for us in the past so we have a great comfort level in referring them to you.

Once our crews have completed the rehab work on a property, we turn it over to the Property Manager for tenant placement. The Property Manager places a qualified tenant, acquires a signed one-year lease, and manages the property for us. When we sell the property, the Property Manager will stay on and manage for the new owner, allowing for a very smooth transition. Here are the various services provided:

·        Rent Collection

·        Dealing with various Rental Public Assistance Agencies (i.e. Section 8)

·        Tenant Issues

·        Repairs and Maintenance

·        Inspections

·        Tenant Placement (if needed at a later date)

·        Lawn Care

·        Monthly Rental Statements & Expense Records

Our Property Management Professionals charge 10% of collected monthly rents as their fee.

Placing quality Tenants in these properties is our highest priority. Each prospective tenant is thoroughly screened for evidence of previous evictions. Criminal and employment background checks are also completed. With fully rehabbed rentals in high demand and short supply, we are able to be selective in the tenant placement process.

We also realize that the most difficult time in a real estate transaction for an investor is the first 30 days after the purchase of a property. We are committed to ensuring the transition of the property into your hands is smooth by working with you and the Property Manager during this time.


Having the right type of insurance coverage on your investment property is important. Getting the coverage you need for the best price is also vital. Our network of Insurance Professionals will allow you to get the best coverage at the best price.

Real Estate Attorney

Our network of Real Estate Attorneys in Western NY can help you with any number of legal issues that may arise.  We have vast experience with each Attorney in our network and feel comfortable that they will do a good job for our clients at a fair price.