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Pinnacle Property Solutions of Western NY offers Real Estate Investors the opportunity to maximize their investment dollar while minimizing the hassles that are often associated with investing in real estate. We do this by offering “Turn-Key” Investment Properties. These properties are located in good, safe, high-demand rental neighborhoods, come fully rehabbed and are rented to quality Tenants.
Investing in Today's Econonomy
In today’s harsh economic climate, speculative real estate investing can lead to financial disaster. We do not sell speculation. The properties we sell are designed to provide long term income as high cash flow investments. You will not see the value of these properties skyrocket in the next several years but, you will not see declining values either. The boom/bust bubble market is not in play in Western NY. This stability allows for a very low risk investment opportunity and the chance to make your money work for you like never before.
Why is now the absolute best time to invest?  The incredibly low prices due to the foreclosure boom now allows for investors to purchase property for less than ever before. These ultra-low prices are providing better cash flow and long term capital appreciation. Volatility in the stock market makes investing on Wall St trickier and riskier than ever before. Even traditionally safer, lower risk investment vehicles such as CDs and Treasury Notes can be perilous in today's market. This instability makes investing in real estate the best way to increase income, build wealth and achieve long term financial security and independence.
Why Western NY?

 Recently, the Western NY area has become a real hotbed of Investor activity. Old myths about the region have been shattered by Investing Experts who are now calling Western NY “the best area in the Country to purchase Cash Flow Investment Property". Western NY is one of the few areas of the country with a stable housing market, a thriving rental market and low cost housing. Please see our Why Invest in Western NY? link for more information on what others are saying and why to invest in the region.

Now that you have read why you should invest in this type of real estate and why you should invest in Western NY, it is time to ask the question....Why buy property from Pinnacle Property Solutions of Western NY?

The Pinnacle Difference

Property Ownership/Who you are Buying From: Most of the people selling investment property these days do not own the properties they are selling, instead, they are only “assigning the contract.” What this means, is that a property owner agrees to allow an individual or real estate company to put their property under contract to purchase for a limited amount of time (typically 30 days) for one price, then the property is marked up and marketed to an actual end buyer for another price. This is a verycommon practice, since it allows the assignor to increase the amount of properties that they can market, and it only ties up a small of money while they look for an end buyer. One of the major problems with this is that in many cases, the person selling you the property is only giving you passed on information that may or may not be accurate such as "the repairs SHOULD cost $5,000 or the property SHOULD rent for $800." We do not deal in "SHOULD". All of our properties ARE owned by us, ARE fully rehabbed and AREfully rented. There will be no surprises after you purchase when dealing with us.

Furthermore, once the Property Assignor has sold you the property and they have made their commission, you will likely be on your own. Most do not have the resources to help you after the sale even if they wanted to. Many have never even step foot in the property. We work differently... We own every property listed on this site...We do the rehab work on every property...We stand behind our product!

Buying Investment Property on Your Own: It is difficult, if not impossible, for an out of area investor to locate, rehab, rent and manage property effectively. Just finding a property in a good neighborhood is tricky enough if you are unfamiliar with the area. Couple this with finding an honest contractor, coordinating the rehab work, finding a reliable and honest property manager and dealing with other service professionals and you can see how daunting a task this truly is. You could purchase a property unknowingly in a bad neighborhood, spend tens of thousands on repairs, shuttle bad tenants in and out and learn a very hard (and expensive) lesson. We learned this lesson the hard way ourselves (please see the About Us page for details). Our entire business concept is based on keeping our clients out of these types of situations.
Neighborhoods: One of the easiest ways to fail in real estate investing is to purchase a property in a bad neighborhood. No amount of rehab work will change the fate of a property in a bad area. Since we actually buy these properties and are not forced to list or buy properties in bad areas, we are extremely selective on the neighborhoods we buy and sell in. Let us put our expertise to work for you and find you a property in a good rental neighborhood.
Our Rehab Process:The method in which a property is rehabbed is one of the most important aspects an investor must consider when purchasing a property. The rehab work on many "turnkey" properties consist of a coat of paint and a for sale sign. This will leave an investor with many headaches down the road and turn a good investment into a bad one.  We handle our rehab work on our properties differently than most. Please go to the Our Rehab Process page for full details and before and after photos on this process.
Our Network/Service:We have many years of experience with our Property Management Teams and have great confidence in their ability to effectively manage your investment for the long haul. Our other service providers such as Insurance Agents, Real Estate Attorneys and Lenders are always available to assist our clients as well.
Ready to Get Started?
Our goal is to build a long term relationship with each of our clients. We realize that our success is contingent on your success in investing through us.
We urge you to see why Pinnacle is Western NY’s leader in Investment Property Sales. With over 500 properties sold and an excellent return buyer rate, it’s time to come see how we can assist you in your journey to building wealth through investing in real estate. Let us put our wealth of knowledge and experience to work for you.
Please give us a call, send us an email or use one of the special forms on our website to request any additional information. Please feel free to contact us for a one on one discussion about your investing goals. Have a great day and thanks for visiting!!